mabelvanoranje op Twitter toont de meest populaire Twitter accounts, waaronder het Twitter account van Mabel van Oranje. Zie ook wat is Twitter. Bekijk hieronder het grote overzicht met populaire accounts die je meteen kan volgen. Wil je Mabel van Oranje volgen? Je vindt hier zijn/haar account (accountname: mabelvanoranje).

Tweets van Mabel van Oranje
Only 11 days to go till the start of the International @AIDS_conference. Welcome to #Amsterdam! @Aidsfonds #AIDS2018 …
Proud to announce we're investing in girls' education in Brazil. More than 1.5 million girls are out of school in this country - and they deserve the chance to choose their own future. …
'No one on the pro-Brexit side had the courage or the competence to explain alternatives to membership in the European Union.' - great piece by @carlbildt on the latest #UK #Brexit developments. @washingtonpost …
We're looking for a new Head of Communications! If you're an experienced communications professional committed to #endchildmarriage, apply by 10 August! #CharityJobs
At a time of growing anti-immigrant sentiment in Europe and globally, the superb #WorldCup2018 teams of Belgium and France-whose roster is 3/4 sons of first-generation immigrants-show the benefits of diversity and meritocracy. Great piece by @AfshinMolavi …
Tragic to see how the UK is lost in the post-referendum chaos. This used to be a nation providing leadership to the world. Now it can’t even provide leadership to itself. …
Hi @dilly_dot - Here is the link to my remarks: …
So honoured and humbled to have received a Honorary Degree of Doctor of Laws from Glasgow @CaledonianNews University Congrats to all @GCU_GSBS graduates, new Chancellor @AnnieLennox and fellow honorary degree Bakira Hasecic, Richard Brodsky and @martin_compston. #gcugraduation …
Both proud members of the European Union …
Thank you to everybody who helped make #GNB2018 so incredible!
"#GNB2018 allowed those working ceaselessly on #endchildmarriage to learn from each other, discuss successes & challenges, and plan next steps to create a world in which every girl can decide whether, when and whom to marry." @MabelvanOranje
“Civil society organisations are crucial to ending child marriage, especially those working directly with girls and communities." - See @GirlsNotBrides media release on #GNB2018 global meeting …
Nice, short video of @TheElders about the creation of @GirlsNotBrides …
What happens when 500 incredible #endchildmarriage advocates get together to

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